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Unique mobile bar hire

March 3, 2016

Unique mobile bar hire

Many people, whatever the event, are looking for something different to the norm, to differentiate their event from the next, to make it memorable.  One of the ways you can do this is to hire a unique style horse box bar from My Mobile Bar Hire.

Quite literally, our horse box bars started life as horse boxes but have been stripped back, refurbished and kitted out into enticing and memorable mobile event bars. These are towable trailers, and so we literally tow them into position at your event and away we go! All you need to supply is an electrical power source.  And, even if you can’t provide that, then we are able to provide a small generator at a small additional cost.

How we use this bar at your event really is open to discussion as part of our pre-event planning process with you.  We can offer a fully paid mobile bar service where your guests pay for all their drinks – but don’t worry, the bar prices are in line with your local pub! Or, you might want to set a budget behind the bar of, say, £500 for example, and once this limit it reached as a limited paid bar, then the guests once again have to pay for their own drinks. Or, as a final option, you could provide an unlimited budget bar, whereby we will sit down with you pre-event to determine how much you need to pay us to provide your guests with free drinks throughout your event.

All monies are paid to us up front.  Then you can get on with enjoying your event, safe in the knowledge that your bar requirements are taken care of by our professional team.