About My Mobile Bar Hire

We are one of the leading mobile bar hire companies in the UK.

We offer a wide range of mobile bars for hire and equipment hire for temporary events such as outdoor festivals, sporting occasions, weddings and corporate hospitality events, to name but a few. We will work with you to customise the style, shape and size of the bar hire that you need, along with determining a bar package in terms of drinks, budget and staff that will be required to cater for your event.

With years of experience in the hire industry, our team look forward to working with you to create stunning and memorable events with My Mobile Bar Hire.

About My Mobile Bar Hire

At any event, the bar area is one of the most important to get right.  Do it well, and you are half way to a memorable event.  Get it wrong, and your event is likely to be remembered for all the WRONG reasons!  Of course, the styling of the bar and the bar area is extremely important as it needs to be stylish and in-keeping with the look and feel of your overall event.  In other words, there's no point in having a traditional ale house bar at a modern corporate event, and likewise there is little point in hiring a modern cocktail bar when you are aiming for a vintage tea party style effect.  Here at My Mobile Bar Hire, we are able to provide you with the complete range of choice when it comes to temporary event bar hire, from cocktail bars through to mirror bars, LED bars and wedding bar hire, so that your bar is in keeping with your event.

Not only is the appearance of your mobile bar important, it also needs to be efficient.  We provide expertly trained bar staff who are friendly and welcoming, adding to the experience.  But, even more importantly, they are efficient.  The last thing you want at your mobile bar hire event is for there to be a build up of queues and guests getting annoyed at the slow service.  It's amazing, when you go out to bars and pubs and even restaurants, how often this slow service seems to occur and how it negatively it impacts the impression you form of the venue or event.  Bar staff need to be engaging and efficient, and that's precisely what you will get from My Mobile Hire.  We realise and understand how important it is to get the service right, and we always go the extra mile to ensure this happens.

We're here to help you build an event that lives long in the memory - contact the mobile bar hire experts at My Mobile Bar Hire today to discuss your requirements.  We very much look forward to your call.