Horsebox Bar Hire

If you are looking for a unique mobile bar for your special event, then look no further!

Our horsebox bars are towed straight into your event, the hatches are opened and away we go!

We are able to serve draught beers and everything else you would expect to find such as ciders, spirits and soft drinks, all at affordable prices in line with your local pub.

Contact us for a detailed quotation based on your specific event requirements.

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Vintage bar hire makes a real talking point at your event

If you are looking for a bar to hire for your event, whether this be a festival, corporate event, sports event, wedding or any other type of event, then you can rest assured that our unique vintage horsebox bars will make a real impact at your event.  The fact that they are different to the norm means that your guests are sure to be impressed when it arrives on site, the hatches open and drinks are immediately served.  Our horsebox bars are fully autonomous, meaning that as long as there is an electrical power supply then we are fully self-sufficient.  We also have a towable cellar unit which accompanies the horsebox in which beer kegs and other drinks are stored so that they are easily accessed, kept at the optimum temperature and, therefore, being available for quick and efficient service to your guests.  We are able to offer draught beers and ciders, wines, spirits and soft drinks, with a range ot rival your local pub, all at affordable prices.

Our horsebox bars for hire have drinks fridges and chillers in the trailers, to ensure that the full range of drinks can be provided.  You might also want to speak to us about customising the bar to be a champagne bar or a cocktail bar, depending upon the needs and requirements of your specific event.  Ultimately, we will work with you to provide you with the portable event bar that you need to suit your event, whether this be with the type of bar, the drinks package or the size of the bar.  It might be, of course, that you have a large scale event for which you would like to hire the horsebox bar along with other portable bars from our range such as LED bars and cocktail bars - if this is the case, then that is fine.  The team at My Mobile Bar Hire will be happy to work with you to ensure your needs and wishes are met, and we do this by working with you in the planning stage and customising the package for you - most requests can be catered for (within reason!).

When it comes to mobile bar hire for weddings and other occasions, the team at My Mobile Bar Hire have a wealth of experience in the events industry and so will not only be able to provide you with the mobile bar service that you are looking for, but will also be able to advise and recommend other items that you might need or want to change to make your event the very best it can possibly be.  Our wealth of experience is there for your benefit, and we'll gladly give you the benefit of it as ultimately, we want you to tell your friends about how great our managed bar service is for their events - this sort of word of mouth advertising is invaluable to us, so we'll work with you every step of the way!